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1. SF charges a total amount of 7550 pounds for this service.

2. This fee includes;

A) The provision of a carers’ job in the UK

B) Visa service application costs*

C) Flights*

D) Support for relocation to include the advice on opening bank accounts / accommodation et post arrival to the UK.

E) Legal service fees

F) Assistance with the application of your Indefinite Leave to Remain after five years of residency.

G) Quarantine for 10 days

H) 2X Covid tests PCR (Day 2 and Day 8)

I) Organise pickup from Airport or advise, assist with transportation from the airport

J) Checking your visa application before you submit to the home office
K) Checking rental / leasing contracts for your accommodation, during your first 3 years of living in the UK.

L) Advising and meeting with the required documentation, should you wish to leave your employer and seek alternative employment within the first 3 years of sponsorship

Please note you will be required to meet the cost of your visa (payable to the UK VI directly) and your flight to the UK. These fees will be deducted from the total amount. Hence, the total service fee payable is 6550 pounds.

3. All payments are to be made to ZC. ZC is to make an initial payment of 1550 pounds of the 6550 pounds to SF to commence the process for the acquisition of CoS to facilitate visa application.

4. Documents required from the applicant before CoS is issued are valid passport, valid police clearance, valid IELTS UK VI (Academic or General Training) test report form with a score of at least 5.5.

5. After CoS is issued, the applicant must book for tuberculosis test at a designated clinic and cover the cost.

6. Visa application will then commence afterwards. The applicant must pay for the full cost of the visa application fee. If applicant has a spouse and dependants and would want them to apply for visas, the applicant must pay for their visa application fee separately.

7. When visa is granted, ZC is to transfer the remainder of the amount to SF.

8. A refund of the full amount will be made if the CoS issued is invalid.
9. No refund will be made if visa refusal is as a result of a false information provided by the applicant.

10. ZC charges a service fee of 100 pounds. This fee is refundable if CoS is not issued and if visa is refused. However, if visa refusal is as a result of a false information or mistake on the part of the applicant, no refund can be made.


Zest Consult is not a university, a scholarship awarding body, a recruitment company nor an embassy and therefore cannot guarantee admission offers, scholarships, jobs nor visas. The consult is solely providing assistance in the application for admission offers, scholarships, jobs and visas and is charging fees in respect of these and the successful execution of these. The consult would not use your details and documents apart from the purposes indicated on this form. The consult would refund any service fee paid, for services not rendered. However, it cannot refund fees other than service fees.