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The United Kingdom 🇬🇧 has most of the world’s best universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics and many more.

To study in the UK as an international student requires a lot of preparation in terms of financial planning, choice of school and program, the part of the UK you want to be etc. It’s a general knowledge that the UK education is expensive for most international students. While this is true, there are couple of universities with moderate fees payable in installments to ease the burden on students.

International students in the UK are permitted to work 20 hours a week when school is in session and work full time during vacation. This part time work opportunity helps a lot of international students to raise money for their living expenses and tuition fees.

Therefore, if you really have the desire to study in the UK, you can pursue this dream.

Zest Consult facilitates your UK education by helping choose the right school and program for you based on your finances, circumstances and future aspirations. We would apply to a school on your behalf to obtain admission and consequently help you apply for your student route visa.

You should note that you would have to make a tuition fee deposit of your total fee, usually between ÂŁ1000-ÂŁ4000 before you can receive an unconditional offer (abbreviated as CAS) from the school to be able to apply for your study permit.

Read More from the UK government Read T&C

The United States of America is the most popular study destination for international students. Apart from being home to most of the world’s prestigious universities such as Harvard University, Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Yale University and many others, it is the country that offers the most scholarships to deserving international students.

It’s not part of the US visa requirements to make a tuition fee deposit to the university you’ve gained acceptance. Mostly, you just need to show proof of funds that you can pay the first year fees and also have enough money for your first year living expenses. These figures will be quoted to help you know the amount to show in your bank statement.

When you’re able to show this proof of funds, the university will obtain an I-20 for you to be able to apply for your student visa.

Similar to the UK, international students in the US are allowed to work 20 hours a week during term-time and work full time during holiday breaks.

Those having a good GPA, especially, in the STEM disciplines ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) have high chances of obtaining fully funded scholarships for their master’s degree and PhD.

Zest Consult’s role is to help you apply to obtain admission into a suitable SEVP American university as well as assist you apply to obtain a student visa.

Read More from the USA government Read T&C

Canada happens to be the most preferred study destination of most international students because of their clear immigration pathways for international students and world class education. Canada seems to have the highest standards of education and attracts only good students. You need to have a good score sheet to obtain admission in most Canadian universities.

Just like the US and the UK, Canada also allows international students to work 20 hours a week during term-time and work full time during vacation. Canada also has a PGWP, meaning post-graduation work permit to allow you stay in the country for an extra 2 - 3 years after completion of your course. It also has immigration pathways called the Canada Express Entry (Canada Experience Class) and Atlantic Immigration Pilot programs to help international students obtain permanent residency which can lead on to citizenship after about 3 years of good conduct in the country. What’s more? Canadian universities have the most affordable tuition fees in comparison with the UK and the USA.

Note that most Canadian universities would request you make a tuition fee deposit.

Zest Consult would help you apply to a suitable designated learning institution in Canada to gain admission and subsequently assist you apply to obtain your student visa .

Read More from the Canada government Read T&C

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Zest Consult is not a university, a scholarship awarding body nor an embassy. For this reason, Zest Consult does not guarantee school admissions , scholarships nor visas. We only assist in the application for admissions, scholarships and visas using our expertise and experience in the industry.