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This program is the Canadian government’s initiative to attract a lot of foreign skilled persons into Canada to deal with the huge labor shortage the country suffers. The program is designed to offer selected applicants a permanent resident visa.

The program is points based and for that favors applicants with high points. Becauseof the points-based nature of this immigration pathway, the government of Canada set a certain cut-off point for every draw he holds. This cut-off point varies from draw to draw. What’s exciting about this program? Draws are held mostly twice every month. If your point is higher by even 1 mark than the government’s cut-off point, you will automatically receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Your points are determined by primary factors such as your age, educational credentials, years of work experience, English or French proficiency level and secondary factors such as your Canadian education, Canadian job offer, having a biological brother or sister in Canada, having provincial nomination from a Canadian province, having a provincial certificate and more. For most foreign skilled workers, the primary factors would be sufficient to get you the points needed for selection.

Zest Consult facilitates your immigration to Canada through the Express Entry by helping you calculate your estimated point to know if you stand a good chance. Further, we would help you through the step-by-step process if you do stand a good chance till you receive an ITA and help you apply for your PR (permanent resident) visa.

Read More from the Canada government Read T&C

This program is also one of Canada’s immigration pathways. It is designed to help the Atlantic regions of Canada namely; Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to recruit foreign skilled workers to these regions.

Unlike the Express Entry, the AIPP does not involve points and just requires that the applicant receives a job offer from a designated employer.

Only employers that are designated can hire you to be able to process for your permanent residency. To consider choosing this program, you have to make sure your occupation is part of in-demand occupations to make it easy for you to get a job offer. A lot of people are migrating to Canada through this program. It would be your best bet.

Our role is to help you meet all the requirements to be able to receive a job offer and subsequently obtain your PR visa.

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The UK is in high demand of general and mental health nurses. If you’re a foreign nurse and would like to relocate to the UK and work, you simply need to first register with the NMC UK.

If you’re able to successfully register with the UK NMC, getting a job offer is not difficult. After getting a job offer, your employer would apply for your tier 2 visa now called skilled worker visa and relocate you to the UK

We would help you meet the requirements to successfully register with the NMC UK and subsequently obtain a job offer.

Register with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council

To work as a nurse in the USA, we would simply help you meet the initial requirements to be able to receive sponsorship from our recruitment agency. Once our recruitment agency accepts, they will take care of the rest till they finally relocate you to the US.

If you’re a foreign midwife, general nurse or mental health nurse, we would simply help you to successfully register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). Once your registration is successful, our recruitment agency (SHL) will ensure you obtain a placement at an Irish facility for your adaptation and a job offer after your adaptation. Your adaptation will lasts between 6-8 weeks.

. Register with the nursing and midwifery board of Ireland

Anyone willing to work as a Carer in the UK can be offered a job through our partner agency in the UK by name Silver Falcon Medical Limited.

This visa allows you to come to the UK with your spouse and dependents.

Read More from the UK government Read T&C

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Zest Consult is not a university, a scholarship awarding body nor an embassy. For this reason, Zest Consult does not guarantee school admissions , scholarships nor visas. We only assist in the application for admissions, scholarships and visas using our expertise and experience in the industry.