Zest Consult Real Estate

Zest Consult Real Estate is a unique and novel real estate consultancy. It is distinct in the following ways:

  • Ours is not an agency. It is a consult.
  • Ours is not into competition. It is into partnerships.
  • Ours is not seeking a market share. It is creating the new largest market.

Acting as a central coordination host to serve as information flow managers, we issue a call to all industry players to register with us and open a file at our office for us to coordinate activities of all available agents for interactive demand-supply chain.

Our collaboration with state actors and industry players allow the formation of a network of networks as well as peer to peer interconnectivity to facilitate a borderless market of global dimension using cutting edge technologies.

We collate data on:

  • Real estate agents and their demand and supplier list.
  • Banks and their lists of foreclosures.
  • Real estate developers and property owners and their list of properties.
  • Prospet buyers and their preferences


Our real estate service involves serving as brokers who ensure all transactions are legally compliant.

We have an assemblage of real estate agents, real estate developers, real estate lawyers, building contractors, suppliers of building materials, valuers, financiers, land commission officers, town planning officers etc., who ensure we facilitate the sales or purchase of a property for clients at speed yet under a legally compliant and secured transaction.

We facilitate the:

  • Purchase or Sales of Lands
  • Purchase or Sales of Houses
  • Purchase or Sales of Buildings
  • Renting or Renting out of Apartments

We have our terms and conditions that must be understood, agreed and signed to indicate acceptance as well as a registration form to fill before we proceed to render a service to you.

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